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Our innovative circulation technology is a non-surgical solution for Cardiac Wellness, Anti-Aging, Athletic Performance while lowering the risk of disease.

Soulaire Wellness Company

Why Soulaire?

Are you searching for a safe, NON-SURGICAL method to attain optimal health and wellness without relying on medication or the challenges of diet and exercise? Look no further!

Soulaire specializes in a unique Circulation Technology that is derived from Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP) that noninvasively reverses and prevents conditions caused by poor circulation and inflammation while you lay on a comfortable bed with three sets of pressure cuffs wrapped around your calves, thighs and buttocks to create a series of sequential compressions circulating your own blood timed to the rhythm of your own heartbeat.

The Newest FDA-Cleared Circulation Enhancement Device

Soulaire has exclusive worldwide distribution rights for its newest state-of-the-art FDA cleared circulation enhancement device that is now available in the market.

Get Squeezed for Life!®

Soulaire Circulation Can Help With These Conditions

A Total Approach From Head to Toe for Disease Prevention

Hair growth is a positive effect due to increased oxygenated blood flow to the scalp. Patients have reported increased hair growth in places that were once receding.

EECP pumps oxygenated blood to the brain and grows new arteries (if there are blockages) and as a result memory and clarity improve. Some people with Alzheimer’s and /or dementia have also indicated improvement in memory recall. For patients with stroke, we have seen improvement in motor/neuro skills such as speaking and walking.

Due to increased blood flow from EECP, patients have reported improvement in hearing and also improvement in tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

During EECP, arteries behind the eye receive increased oxygenated blood flow during EECP. People report that when they visit their optometrist he or she has lowered their prescription for eyeglasses.

Women with a history of thyroid imbalance who receive EECP therapy see positive improvement as per their endocrinologist who has taken them off of thyroid medication.
EECP circulates oxygenated blood to gums and makes this area of the jaw healthier. When people go for routine dental exams, they report that their gum health has improved as per their dentist.
EECP treats the entire cardiovascular system by growing new arteries and relieving symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath due to congestive heart failure, blockages of the arteries and previous tissue damage from heart attack.
EECP therapy positively affects progesterone and testosterone levels which contributes to anti-aging. Patients tell us hormone levels increase after EECP and doctors remove them from hormone replacement therapy.
EECP pumps blood to the nervous system and helps decrease inflammation, lower back pain and sciatica pain through increased circulation. People have less pain in their back after EECP therapy.
EECP helps detox and filter the blood to remove waste from kidneys. Patients inform us that kidneys function better after a full course of EECP treatment.
Due to increased circulation, EECP helps deliver more oxygenated blood to the skin. Patients experience improvement in wrinkles and fine lines. In this way, EECP acts as an anti-aging and rejuvenation therapy.
EECP pumps blood to all joints of the body. Due to the increased oxygenated blood, patients experience a decrease in inflammation and swelling and an increase in range of motion in affected areas such as wrists, knees and ankles.
The mechanism of EECP circulates oxygenated blood through arteries and helps open new collaterals for blood to flow around blockages, like a natural bypass. People who receive EECP report regulated blood pressure and reduction or elimination of blood pressure medication.
Due to EECP being a passive cardiovascular exercise, patients experience deeper and more restful sleep patterns with longer duration. This allows people to have more energy and enhanced quality of life.
Patients have reported improvement in conditions such as numbness, edema and coldness of their extremities due to blockages in the arteries, diabetes and poor circulation. EECP grows new arteries and improves circulation to the legs.
EECP pumps blood throughout the body and to every organ. Men and women have shared stories about their increased libido and energy. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have reported marked improvement.
Circulatory system that pulls harmful waste from blood, organs, muscles, and tissue. EECP pumps toxins for elimination by the kidneys helping the body detox/improve the immune system.
Due to EECP pumping the lymphatic system, EECP helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. At the same time cardiovascular fitness is improved so that patients can exercise longer and harder aiding them in weight loss.
EECP helps excrete stem cells from the bone marrow into the circulatory system resulting in repair of organ dysfunction. For example, patients with diabetes often see improved pancreatic function when EECP therapy regenerates pancreatic tissue to produce insulin and lower blood sugar levels.

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