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Designed by an EECP pioneer and founder of the Soulaire Circulation™ wellness program, Soulaire Circulation delivers the most enhanced anti-inflammation therapy throughout the world.

Now, you can order your very own Soulaire device and bring Soulaire Circulation to your business, private practice, home, or sports team.  

When you place your order, you are investing in new quality of life, in all walks of life. Let this new generation of EECP devices guide your future. 

Email sales at soulaire dot com or complete this form today.

#1: Credible Expertise

We have treated thousands of people from across the world and will deliver our expert level of knowledge into your home or professional facility.

#2: The Best Technology

Soulaire is modeled after the original FDA cleared EECP device and built to preserve superior therapeutic outcomes. 

#3: Best Therapeutic Technique 

We utilize the most comprehensive and effective technique during every  session to achieve the best clinical outcomes possible. Our results are so profound that our clients continue to return for additional therapy. 

best therapeutic technique